10 Reasons Why You Need a Paper Diary

People are still using paper diaries, even in this digital age where everything is on one’s Smartphone.

Why would you want to go back to pen and paper? Experts have been asking this question a lot, and there seem to be many reasons.
We have thoroughly researched this and put together a list of ten reasons why a paper diary will help you!

  1. They give you a break from staring at a screen. Screen Fatigue is becoming more and more common with all age groups. Relaxing your eyes, even for a short time, can help you focus more!
  2. Causes you to ‘stay in the moment.’ Writing something out causes you to think more about what is happening, rather than speed-typing it out in a couple of moments.
  3. Plan days with intent. You can specifically add more details to your appointments and tasks.
  4. Get that feeling of satisfaction when you physically check an item off the list.
  5. No more annoying electronic reminders your Smartphone loves doing. Saves you from being distracted into looking at your phone every time one comes up.
  6. See your week in advance at a glance rather than having to log in and find your calendar / appointment app and then choose the right dates. Instead, simply flick to the week you wanting to view.
  7. It’s a record of your past. This is refreshing to see how much you have accomplished when looking back.
  8. It’s completely private! No one can hack into your appointments.
  9. No password is required, doesn’t run out of batteries right when you need it, and nothing gets mysteriously deleted!
  10. The best way to remember something is to write it out by hand.


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For quick and easy note-taking or appointment making, you can’t look past this bold and beautiful A5 Tradextra Diary!
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Great for business or school.

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  • Dimensions: 21cm x 16.5cm
  • A5 Notepad with lined pages
  • Hard laminated clear cover
  • Exterior Colour: Red and black

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