Customers are looking for 4 things…

Attention all tradespeople!

Looking around for work during this time? Wondering why you aren’t gaining traction with projects?

Think about how the client is thinking when looking around for hiring a painter or plasterer for a job at their home. If there is someone marketing themselves better, they will go their way. You want to show them how to you are the best choice!
Below are points to help you get be the first pick .

  1. Successful Past Projects: this is a winner for when choosing a painter! Seeing before and after pictures of work shows what you are capable of. And the more, the better! When going into a job, set yourself a reminder to take before pictures (check with the customer they are happy with this) and use them to promote yourself. It’s easy to say how good you are but to show is another level.
  2. Quality Equipment: there is no substitute for quality equipment, cheaply made items will always trip up in the long run. No one wants a customer annoyed due to thin dropcloths letting paint all over their new wooden floor!
  3. Reviews: the best review you can get is word of mouth, customers, friends, family all talking about your great work. It is one of the most trusted kinds of marketing you can do. Up to 90% of buying decisions are influenced by word of mouth! Imagine how much this can help your company. Don’t be shy about asking for a review of your work – take it with a pinch of salt and this could be a great way to improve on your performance if needed!
  4. Paperwork: yes this does sound annoying! But offering a written quote is a great way to be a trusted option for a customer. Quoting over the phone is a very ‘could be, could not be’ way to get the business. Customers like to budget and plan and to see the promises outlined clearly helps with this.

All the best out there and feel free to check us out for point 2 🙂