Epoxy Filler

A superior 100% solid epoxy fairing and filling compound with exceptional bond strength to timber & metals. This Epoxy filler is not affected by water and doesn’t slump like others! It is a reliable, heavy and durable filler. One of its main features is it is designed for easy sanding. A lot of other fillers are hard to sand… but not this one – plus it can be used on concrete! Another benefit to this filler is it stays a certain amount flexible. If something was to expand in the heat – the filler expands with it as it has a certain amount of flex, so it does not crack like other fillers do. Just measure out equal parts of resin & hardener by volume onto a clean broadknife, add standard paint tinters if required, and mix until colour is uniform. This product is exclusive to Tradextra! So, if you want to know more on this product, our contact details are below:

Email us: admin@tradextra.co.nz

Call us: 0800425800

Or view on our website: https://www.tradextra.co.nz/product/epoxy-filler/