How the Spring Punch Tool is the New Hammer

Where’s the hammer and punch? Lost it again – stop work to find it. Does this sound familiar?
Never again! The Spring Punch Tool always stays in your pocket.

Have you tried out the Spring Punch Tool? It will change the way you work!

The SpringTools 1/32 to 2/32-inch Combo Nail Set is designed to effortlessly set nails and pneumatic Brads to the desired depth. These professional grade tools are ideal for the painter or cabinetmaker who occasionally needs to set nails and are outstanding for tight workspaces. It is a simple, functional tool that no woodworker should be without.

About the size of a pencil, it utilizes a heavy duty spring for power. Simply pull the spring back and let it go-no hammer or striking tool required to set nails, mark drill points, or even clean the mortise out around door hinge. The set is easy and safe to use and it’s also extremely durable.

Made in the USA, the Spring Punch Tool is all about quality. The 1/32″ Nail Set is best suited for setting #3 & #4 finish nails. The 2/32″ Nail Set tip is ideal for setting #5 & #6 finish nails and brads. This tool is ideal for setting trim and detailed finish work.

Still not convinced? Four more reasons on how much you need one.

  1. The tool can easily set any nail or brad without using a bulky hammer.
  2. Compact and lightweight (about the size of a pen)
  3. Outstanding precision and control.
  4. A perfect tool for all painters and finish carpenters.

Come and try one out at 3 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth today! We would love to see you. Or, feel free to CLICK HERE to view them in our online store.