Is your Mini Mobile Compliant?

Mini Mobiles are a fantastic investment! These great little scaffolds are such a relief for those who need to get a tiny bit higher while keeping safe.

Since the inception of the new Health and Safety at Work Act, stricter safety rules are now being enforced on worksites throughout New Zealand. Don’t get caught out!
Although no regulations have changed, the penalties for failing to take all reasonable steps to avoid injury have increased and the responsibility for this falls on staff members as well as management.

This has resulted in larger commercial operators increasing their site safety requirements when working at height. These rules and guidelines may differ from site to site, but here is a guideline of some of the requirements that are increasingly being asked for from workers using these Mini Mobile Towers.

1.  When using an MM410 2-Level Mini Mobile Scaffold, you may now be required to add a toeboard and 2 extra mid guardrails for the lower platform.  (the unit comes standard with toeboards and 4 guardrails for the top platform, but the lower platform does not have a toeboard and only has two guardrails).

2.  MM250 Single Standard Scaffolds include all the guardrails you will need but you may need to add a toeboard set.

3.  The base MM210 Scaffold may now require 2 guardrails to be added.  If the platform is to be used on the upper height settings then we recommend the use of side guardrails and either quarter or full guardrail end frames, depending on which cross member the platform will be supported by.

For advice on-site compliance with any Easy Access height access products, please contact us. You can view our range of Mini Mobile Scaffolds here!