New Look for Timbabuild!

Timbabuild has recently updated their packaging on the Timbabuild 4-hour cure. The product itself hasn’t changed, it is still as effective as ever. We have recently got a shipment in of this great product!

Previously, the 4-hour Timbabuild was known as EHB4. Now, it has been changed to EHB60. The “60” simply refers to 60mm being the fill depth for this resin as opposed to the ERC10 our other fast cure version of Timbabuild.
Renaming this product like this helps to differentiate the products by fill depth rather than by cure time, which is of course variable dependant on ambient conditions. It makes it clearer which product is for what. EHB for deep fills and larger scale repairs, ERC for spot repairs with fast curing required.

You may be thinking, what is Timbabuild? Why use it?

Timbabuild is a window repair and restoration products that last a lifetime! Heard of this before?

It is a fast curing range of super touch epoxy timber repair products, developed specifically for the professional timber restoration and painting sectors. No fumes, 1-day project instead of 3!!
This premium quality, fast curing time-saving product will enable you to restore and paint timber windows, doors and fascias or almost any timber structure in just one day. Wow!

Why use it?

  • Achieve faster professional restorations
  • Increase profits
  • Cut down on repeat visits, time constraints, and travel costs
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • All products are solvent free so no noxious fumes
  • Dual cartridge extrudes guaranteed 1 to 1 mix for perfect results. No guessing and no mess.

So incredibly simple to use. You will be impressed!

Try this time and money saving product out for yourself today! Click here to view our range.


“Timbabuild is a no mess, no fuss resin developed by professionals for professionals”