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3M Hook-It Disc 150mm

3M Hook-It Disc 150mm

$1.70$101.00 excl. GST

The 3M Hookit 255P+ disc offers a superior cut, less loading and a reduction in airborne dust – the perfect all round performer.

A significantly long lasting disc, this gives a consistently superior cut and finish!

* Superior performance – lasting significantly longer

* 15-hole configuration provides improved dust extraction

* Achieves better cut with less loading

* Significant performance benefits with fine grades on difficult to sand top coats and primers

P40, P60 come in Boxes of 50 discs.
P80 + come in Boxes of 100 discs.


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Single, Box.50, Box.100


P280, P40, P400, P100, P120, P150, P180, P220, P240, P320, P80, P60