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3M P95 Particulate Prefilters Box.10

3M P95 Particulate Prefilters Box.10

$36.70 NZD excl. GST



  • Use with 3M™ 501 Filter Retainer on 3M™ 6000 Series Cartridges
  • For workplace/occupational use only
  • NIOSH approved: P95
  • Lightweight
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Excellent field of vision fitted over the 6000 Gas/vapour filter range
  • Versatility: can be used on all 3M Half Masks & Full Face Masks 6000, 7000 & 7500 Series in combination with 6000 series filters and 501 retainer.

The 3M particulate filter P95 can be used in industries where excess levels of particulates are present in the workplace atmosphere where gas/vapour protection is also required. When there is a need for combination gas/vapour and particulate protection (e.g. paint spraying), fitting of the P95 particulate filter and the 501 retainer over the required gas/vapour filter will give a combination gas/vapour & particulate filter. These combination style filters will be capable of providing protection against dusts, mists and fumes as well as specific gas/vapours.

Comes in a box of 10.

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