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AMX Wool Sleeves

AMX Wool Sleeves

$48.20$63.60 NZD excl. GST


AMX Wool Sleeves are a top quality Lambswool roller sleeves available in 4 pile lengths.

14mm for smooth surfaces, 18mm for ceilings, walls, 24mm for more porous surfaces,  28mm for brickwork, stucco, and high build textured coatings.

Also available – Wool Sleeve 360 x 24mm and 360 x 28mm!
The long nap roller (24mm) has been developed for applying acrylic paints on the more porous, textured and rougher surfaces. The extra long nap (28mm) has been designed for painting extremely profiled surfaces.
Designed for high build textured coatings, deep groove brickwork, stucco and render.

Tradextra stocks all 230 and 270mm sizes, but we can get all other sizes easily – please call us on 0800 425 800!

Additional information

Length & Nap

230mm x 14mm, 270mm x 14mm, 230mm x 18mm, 270mm x 18mm, 230mm x 24mm, 270mm x 24mm, 230mm x 28mm, 270mm x 28mm, 360mm x 24mm, 360mm x 28mm