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Bostik Safe Seal Sausage

Bostik Safe Seal Sausage

$50.20 NZD excl. GST


Bostik Safe Seal Sausage is Grey and comes as a 600ml.

Bostik Safe Seal is a multipurpose odour free, isocyanate free & solvent free sealant for construction & building.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe Seal cures with humidity from the air to a form a tough but low modulus sealant with high elasticity, which
    has an excellent resto against weathering and chemicals. This new easy to use sealant is resistant to water immersion during the early stages of curing.
  • Safe Seal is free of solvents, PVC, PCB and isocyanates and is fully paintable according to DIN 52452, PT4. It has an extraordinary low shrinkage on curing.
  • Bostik Safe Seal Construction Sealant passes ISO 11600-F-25LM and is New Zealand E2/AS1 compliant.
    This also confirms a 25% joint movement capability.

Recommended Uses

Safe Seal is suitable for most common building materials such as concrete, brick, fibre cement boards, glass, ceramic tiles, marble, natural stone, metals, timber, rigid PVC and all connection and movement joints, indoor and outdoor. It is ideal for all construction joints, such as at window, door, roof and facades, joints in wood and metal architraves. This sealant is not designed to seal continuously immersed joints or below waterline applications.

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