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Butchers Diamond Steel

Butchers Diamond Steel

$75.00 excl. GST

Butchers Diamond Steel Sharpening Tool 12″ oval

Dimensions: 490.00 x 112.00 x 25.00 mm

Professionals and budding chefs alike swear by sharpening steels. All models have an extremely hard-wearing coating, good grip and very good sharpening properties. Thanks to their ingenious design, they are safe and easy to use.

Excellent for hunters, butchers, chefs, fisherman, and for the home kitchen!

This Diamond-electroplated sharpener ensures an efficient, fast and sharp result. This steel will sharpen all types and sizes of knives from pocket knives to professional forged knives. The oval profile makes for an easy and more accurate finish and the handle design is both aesthetic and practical. 300mm (12”). Hang-sell.

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