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Cap Tap 20L

Cap Tap 20L

$22.50 NZD excl. GST

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A clever invention of a tap fitted to a cap, this allows you to easily and safely pour liquids from a can into a receptacle with less chance of spillage and wastage. We know that when someone buys a 20L container of product it is heavy and unwieldy to pour from. If they have a tap-cap they can cleanly and easily pour a little or a lot from the container and then shut it off again without getting the product all over themselves, the floor or work surface.

Screws directly onto the cap of a 20L dr. The clever valve design allows the tap to ‘breathe’ during dispensing, ensuring a steady and constant liquid flow.

Has an 18mm outlet flow for thin liquids, goumes where cap is.

Makes your life easier!


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