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Chalkboard Paint 1L

Chalkboard Paint 1L

$41.20 excl. GST

Create your own chalkboard!

Make any non-porous surface a chalkboard, ideal for kids.

Spray, Roll, Brush, Wash up in water, Interior Use, 30 minutes touch dry, 2 Hours recoat time.

Black chalkboard paint is a waterbased scratch resistant coating. It can be written on and cleaned with a chalkboard eraser. Chalkboard can be used virtually anywhere. Wood, metal, plaster, gib-board, drywall, customwood, particle board and hardboard. It has specially designed adhesion promoters meaning better bonding to any surface. Chalkboard is primarily designed as an interior coating. If using as an exterior application a primer on the substrate will be required. Chalkboard can even be used for Ping-Pong tables!

Available 1 Litre.

Coverage: 3-4 sq metres (30-40 sq ft) per 250ml (per coat) depending on the texture and porosity of the surface.
Drying Time: To touch 30-45 minutes – For recoat 2 hours.
Thinning: DO NOT thin as this may reduce performance
Clean up: Soapy water

Directions of use stated on tin.

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