CRC Zinc It Paint Aerosol

CRC Zinc It Paint Aerosol

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CRC Zinc it is a single component zinc rich compound with a special epoxy binder and contains over 95% of highest purity zinc in the dried film. Ut fuses directly to clean iron of steel surfaces through electro-chemical action and presents a hard, single time protection against corrosion for up to 5 years on exposed outdoor metals. This coating protects through galvanic action, stops rust and rust creep-age even when scratched or abraded.

Use on: Transmission towers, structural steel, radio, TV & electrical relay, towers, transformers, trailers, welding seams, water tanks, fencing, roofs, rivet holes, guard rails, touch-up work… wherever galvanizing requires repair or bare metal needs protection!

– Galvanic rust protection
– Corrosion protection

Available in:
Grey 350gm
White 300gm

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Grey [350gm], White [300gm]