Everest Washi Tape

Everest Washi Tape

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Everest Washi Tape….our own branded tape!

Available in Yellow, Blue, Red or Purple, sizes of 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, and 48mm by 50m.

Everest Yellow Washi Tape
 – Premium – strong, super thing paper for perfect straight edge lines
– Washi tape for decorating and automotive markets
– Interior/exterior multi-surface with clean removal
– 150˚C temp resistance/solvent resistance for auto masking

Everest Blue Washi Tape
 – Multi-surface – washi painters tape for a wide range of surfaces
– Interior/exterior multi-surface use acrylic adhesive ensures clean removal
– 60+ days exterior/interior use in most weather conditions
– Painted walls, trim timber, steel, and glass.

Everest Purple Washi Tape
 – Delicate surface – washi painters tape for freshly painted surfaces.
– Interior/exterior delicate surface masking with clean removal.
– 60+ days exterior and interior, UV and weather resistant.
– Strong super thin paper for straight edge lines.

Everest Red Washi Tape
– Clean removal
– Sticks to a wide range of surfaces including rough surfaces
– Ultra-fine edge
– High tack

Available as individual rolls, or in boxes of the following –

18mm – 48 rolls in a box
24mm – 36 rolls in a box
36mm – 24 rolls in a box
48mm – 24 rolls in a box

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Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow


18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm

Box Rate

1 roll (individual), 24 rolls, 36 rolls, 48 rolls