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Farecla G6 Rapid Liquid Compound 1L

Farecla G6 Rapid Liquid Compound 1L

$49.50 NZD excl. GST


Farecla G6 Rapid Liquid Compound 1L

Specifically developed for use on all modern refinish paintwork. It will reach the highest level of gloss in the shortest time.
Designed to offer a rapid polishing process with an excellent level of gloss.
It is a dry use compound which means that there is no need to use water as it already has lubricants in it which do a similar job.
Can be used on all paint systems and has been thoroughly tested with paint companies to ensure that defects can be removed rapidly on all paint types including anti-scratch clearcoats.


  • Removes up to P1500 scratch marks permanently, has no fillers
  • The fastest system to achieve a high gloss
  • Dry use, so no need to use water, less mess & easier clean up
  • Silicone free

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