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PAL Classic Brush

PAL Classic Brush

$13.60$24.20 NZD excl. GST


This Pal Classic Masterflow Flat Brush features:

* 100% SRT synthetic filament
* For use with All Paints
* PAL Smooth tip technology
* Tapered Filaments
* Stainless Steel Ferrule
* Ergonomically Balanced

PAL have spent many years perfecting their craft to produce the best painting and decorating accessories. PAL Classic brushes have been developed using modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to ensure that good old fashioned manufacturing skills are enhanced with the innovation in bristle developments.

PAL’s smooth tip technology reduces brush marks, eliminates bristle loss and enhances flowing paint strokes. This mix of heritage, experience, craftsmanship and innovation combines to provide and excellent paintbrush that creates the perfect finish!

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50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 88mm