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Raw Linseed Oil 1L

Raw Linseed Oil 1L

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Originates from the flax seed and is packaged with no additional additives or preservatives. Slow drying, taking weeks to fully cure. Restores and enhances external timber. A 50/50 blend of Raw Linseed Oil and Mineral Turpentine delays weathering of outdoor furniture.

Raw Linseed Oil Common Uses

– Restores, Enhances & Protects untreated timber

– Slow drying, cold pressed natural oil. Helps wood retain its natural moisture content, aids water repellence and retards cracking, checking, and shrinking.

– Commonly used as a polish to maintain oiled wood and natural finishes.

– Improves and delays weathering of Outdoor Furniture.

– Used on wooden: Outdoor Furniture, Cricket Bats, Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Archery Equipment, Croquet Mallets, Saw Horses, Ladders, Benches, Bench Blocks , Salad Bowls , Utensils & Chopping Boards.

– Best results are obtained when Linseed Oil is mixed 50:50 with Mineral Turpentine. The mixture is wiped on and immediately wiped off with a clean rag.

– Raw Linseed Oil is mainly for outdoor use & Boiled Linseed Oil is mainly used indoors.

– Raw Linseed Oil is lighter in body and penetrates deeper into wood than Boiled Linseed Oil, so it is sometimes used on light coloured woods as a light stain to bring out the grain and give protection against water stains.

– Linseed Oil makes an attractive and decorative finish.

– Raw Linseed Oil is cold pressed and is suitable to feed horses.

-Treatment for putty manufacture, wood preservation, sealants, caulking compounds, brake linings, linoleum, textiles, and foundry products.

– Used in leather treatment products, polishes, and animal care products.


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