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Selleys Exterior & Weatherboard No More Gaps

Selleys Exterior & Weatherboard No More Gaps

$15.80$180.12 excl. GST

Selleys NO MORE GAPS Exterior & Weatherboard is a durable, flexible gap filler, designed especially for use in weatherboard homes, to cope with movement caused by temperature and weather extremes.

Colour: White


  • Superior flexibility with up to 25% movement capability in expansion joints and greater than 500% elongation/stretch. It is the most flexible gap filler on the market.
  • Superior adhesion to a broad range of surfaces, resulting in a lasting finish.
  • Has good resistance to weathering.
  • Contains a titanium compound for superior UV resistance.
  • Contains a fungicide and algaecide to protect against unsightly mould and algae growth.
  • Can be painted over with both water and oil based paints, after the surface has skinned. (Approximately 36 minutes after application). Wide joints are best left for 48 hours before painting as some paints shrink during drying that can cause the paint to crack.
  • Is formulated for long-term resistance to cracking, crumbling, shrinkage and sag.
  • Is water based, so can be cleaned up with water easily.

Can be purchased individually or in a box of 12.



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1x Cartridge, 12x Cartridges [box]