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TapeTech Interchangeable Handle

TapeTech Interchangeable Handle

$163.90 NZD excl. GST


TapeTech Interchangeable Handle

An interchangeable handle system that allows one support handle to be used with every tool. Whether you use standard, fixed length fiberglass handles or aluminum extension support handles, you’ll need just one base handle. The base handle for the fiberglass system is TapeTech Interchangeable Handle. The base handle for the extension handle system is model XHTT. The base handle fits the corner roller, corner applicator and nail spotter without any adapters. The heavy-duty, easy-to-change adapter (CFA-TT) connect the new handles to the corner finishers. And the new, optimal diameter makes TapeTech handles the most ergonomic in the industry. Both base handles feature a D-shaped fitting that securely positions the handle in the Corner Applicator and positively prevents the tool from rotating during use. Note: If you use your current Nail Spotters with the new handle system you will need to mount the handle in the back holes of the tabs on the Nail Spotter.


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