Tradextra Easysand Paint

Tradextra Easysand Paint

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Description: Tradextra Easy Sand Sealer is an acrylic paint designed for application by airless spray gun. Easy Sand has excellent opacity, adhesion, sealing, filling and flow and as the name suggests it’s easy to sand to a smooth finish in preparation for the finish coats. It is suitable for interior areas, particularly new walls and ceilings.


Physical Properties:
Resin Type: Modified Acrylic
Solvent: Water
Colour: White
Finish: Matt
Drying time: 2 hours @18c
Recoat time: 2 hours @18c
Dry Film Thickness: 35μdepending on requirement and application
Primer Needed: No
Thinning & Cleaning: Recommended. Use water

Good adhesion to pine, MDF and stopping and finishing compounds.
Excellent sanding properties
Extremely high opacity
Excellent adhesion
Recoatable with all systems
Water based

Not to be used over-aged plasterboard or wall reinstatement after wall paper removal.
Not recommended for exterior use.
All preparation and painting must conform to AS2311: The Painting of Buildings.
Do not overspread or exceed 12.0 square metres per litre per coat. In hot weather, rinse brush every half hour or use two and keep one standing in water.
Do not apply if the temperature is under 10C, or when the temperature of the surface may fall below 10C during the drying period, otherwise film formation will not be complete and a fall-off in properties will result.

Substrate Preparation:
Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and dust free.
Apply 1 full coat of Paint Tech Easy Sand Sealer to new plasterboard, fibrous plaster, MDF and pine.
For old and yellowed plasterboard and painted surfaces, use Paint Tech All-Prime as the first coat or Paint Tech Alkyd Pigmented Sealer Undercoat.

Paint Tech Easy Sand Sealer may be applied by brush, roller or spray. Do not thin more than 10% as necessary for application method. Clean up with water.
NB: Avoid breathing sanding dust. Usage of dust mask is recommended. Sealing of Paint Tech Easy Sand in wet areas and before finishing with water based enamels is recommended.

Comes in a 10L bucket.

Theoretical Coverage: 10/12m²/litre depending on application

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