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Two Fussy Blokes Microfibre Sleeves Pk.3

Two Fussy Blokes Microfibre Sleeves Pk.3

$21.45$29.75 NZD excl. GST


Two Fussy Blokes Microfibre Sleeves Pk.3 – Semi Smooth & Smooth

The mid-sized nap in our range, the 10mm big rollers come in 230mm, 270mm, and 360mm lengths to suit a variety of painting jobs. This is the most versatile of our rollers, offering excellent paint pick-up, finish, and release. Able to be used with all water-based paints, the 10mm-nap big roller is commonly used to achieve a top-of-the-line finish on medium- to large-sized surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

Perfect for water-based paints only. Recommended for primers and topcoats.
Ideal for top coating interior walls and ceilings, MDF, timber, and plywood.
Excellent paint pick-up and release, superior finish, excellent coverage.

The 5mm-nap versions of our big rollers come in both 230mm and 270mm lengths. Designed to be used with enamel paints for the best result, this product suits small- to medium-sized surfaces requiring smooth, seamless finishes (such as flat doors and bathrooms).

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360mm x 10mm Pk.3, 230mm × 5mm Pk.3, 230mm x 10mm Pk.3, 270mm × 5mm Pk.3, 270mm x 10mm Pk.3


Two Fussy Blokes