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Washi Tape – Green

Washi Tape – Green

$6.55$340.32 NZD excl. GST


Washi Tape offers proven performance and superior results. The most technically advanced tape on the market combines years of Japanese rice paper innovation and a signature acrylic adhesive, producing razor-sharp lines without compromising strength.

Available in Green in sizes of 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, and 48mm by 50m.

#6 Green Premium Washi Acrylic Adhesive Masking Tape – Ultimate
– Ultra-thin smooth Washi painters tape for perfect sharp lines
– Extra acrylic adhesive for hard to stick textured & curved surfaces
– 60+ days exterior use under normal UV weather conditions
– Good balance of flexibility & strength for multi-surface use
– Available in 24mm and 36mm.
– Individual rolls available or boxes quantity of  18mm 36x rolls, 24mm 36x rolls, 36mm 24x rolls, 48mm 18x rolls


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Tape Spec

Box Rate

18 rolls, 1 roll (individual), 12 rolls, 16 rolls, 24 rolls, 36 rolls, 48 rolls


18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm