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Wooster Ultra Pro Firm Sable Brush

Wooster Ultra Pro Firm Sable Brush

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Wooster Ultra Pro Firm Sable Brush with a smooth glide, balanced flex, excellent coverage for all-purpose painting.

– Classic firm formulation of purple nylon and sable polyester, a top-seller for more than 15 years, provides exceptional cut-in control
– Great for 1) all medium-bodied coatings like acrylic paints or latex enamels, 2) warm temperatures indoors or out, and 3) whenever a painter wants a time-saving firm brush
– Round rust-resistant steel ferrule
– Sealed maple wood handle

Wooster Ultra/Pro brushes provide superior paint coverage, the smoothest finish and more than 160 years of proven performance value. This medium-firm blend is excellent for all-purpose painting with acrylics, latex or enamels-indoors and out. Balanced flex delivers fantastic coverage and maximum cut-in control to save painters time. the distinctive purple nylon/sable polyester filament has been a best selling Wooster blend for over 25 years.

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