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XHP Woodframe Glazing Compound 1KG

XHP Woodframe Glazing Compound 1KG

$17.95 NZD excl. GST


XHP Woodframe Glazing Compound 1kg

For use in timber frames & approved by Housing New Zealand. Comes ready to use in a sausage pack.

Simply slice desired amount from sausage using a knife. Balance of sausage can be kept as end will skin over. Before next use, simply slice off skinned end.

Self-priming (priming of rebates is not required but is recommended) & is light brown in colour.

Can typically be painted after 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity

Compound must be painted after it has skinned over. Paint with a high quality flexible oil based or water based paint system.

For best results use in conjunction with XHP gunnable Bedding Compound.

Glasscorp XHP Woodframe compound is designed for use with clear float glass and clear laminated glass only. For glazing any other glass types please contact Glasscorp for advice before proceeding.