Zinsser Cover Stain


Zinsser Cover Stain

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Cover Stain, an all purpose oil-based primer-sealer.
– Interior & Exterior Use
– High Hiding
– Sticks to all surfaces without sanding
– Use with all paints
– Dries in 30 minutes
– Recoat in 1 hour
– Clean up with mineral turps
– White – tintable (we tint in store)

Available in 1L, 3.75L, 10L or 369g aerosol can.

Cover Stain is a high performance oil-based primer-sealer/stain blocker/bond coat that combines fast dry convenience with outstanding adhesion and stain blocking power. Use it for interior and exterior walls, doors, trim, paneling, siding, window frames and shutters – any surface where a fast drying, high hiding, high adhesion primer is needed. Can be used over or under any water or oil-based architectural paint.
Tinting: Cover-stain can be tinted with up to 16 mL of universal colourant per litre to help it hide in one coat.
Priming Interiors: Use to prime previously coated drywall, cured plaster and masonry, spackled areas, ceiling tiles, wood or metal doors, windows, cabinets, plywood, paneling, trim, glossy paints, clear finishes etc!
Priming Exteriors: Cover Stain has excellent flexibility and penetration making it ideal for full surface application to exterior siding and trim. Use to prime siding, soffits, fascia, trim, doors, windows and cured masonry. Recommended for all types of wood, hardboard and metal.
Sealing: seals unpainted or porous surfaces so topcoat paints have better coverage. Ideal for wood, cover stain fills and binds wood fibres creating excellent ‘enamel holdout’ so fewer coats of paint are needed. If necessary, lightly sand new drywall after priming to remove any raised nap fibres.
Stain Blocking: One coat of cover stain will effectively block stains including water, nicotine, ink, graffiti, crayon, marker, rust and smoke stains so they won’t bleed into the topcoat. Some stains may require a second coat.
Glossy surfaces: Glossy enamel paint and clear finishes, ceramic tile, paneling, cabinets and metal surfaces can be primed without sanding or deglossing.
Over Wallcovering: May be used to prime existing, soundly adhered non-porous wallcoverings to hide patterns/dark colours prior to painting.

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369g Aerosol, 1L, 3.75L, 10L