Zinsser Smart Prime 3.8L

Zinsser Smart Prime 3.8L

$124.70 excl. GST

– Zinsser smart prime, a primer for all projects using advanced water based technology
– For interior and exterior
– Sticks to all surfaces
– Blocks all stains
– Zero VOC
– Great flow
– Smooth leveling
– Penetrates and seals
– Benefits of water: Fast dry, no odour, exterior flexibility, soap and water cleanup

Smart prime is a revolution in water base technology after years of research to develop oil base characteristics in an all purpose, all surface water base interior/exterior primer. Developed for professional and commercial applications, this advanced technology water base combines dependable stain blocking power with fast dry convenience, exceptional flow and leveling and outstanding adhesion to glossy surfaces. Dried film is mould and mildew resistant and inhibits rust.

Available in 3.78 Litre.

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