Protect Your Carpet!

There is nothing more annoying than getting small drops on paint onto a clients carpet – how do you explain it to them?

“Sorry, I am a messy painter; this usually happens.” Chances are, you will lose a customer and a bit of your reputation.

To prevent this happening, we have the Carpet Protection Film! It is a self-adhesive, non-trip hazard temporary protector which is used to protect carpet from heavy foot traffic during remodeling, moving, parties and painting. Not only is it ideal for use during painting, a customer told us how good it is to keep the carpet away from the mess from a toddlers birthday party! Great idea for all your entertaining and DIY needs.

The best part of this product is that it is a non-trip hazard – how many times have you stumbled over loose coverings while painting? The Carpet Protection Film stays securely in place and is proven and safe for covering carpet even in public thoroughfares.

And even more great features…
–    Trip safe
–    For use on carpet only
–    Easy peel leaves no adhesive residue
–    Tough puncture resistant polyethylene film
–    Temporary protection
–    Reverse rolled for quick & easy application

BONUS – You can even use this as a tray liner! Simply stick into the tray and rip out once done – so much easier to clean!


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