Safety Vests Aren’t Just For Construction Workers.

To be safe wherever you are is essential. While a safety vest is just a safety vest to some people, its an invaluable safety precaution for others at work and at play.
Safety vests are usually found in constructions sites, however, this is not the only use for them. Here at Tradextra, we have 3M Day and Night Yellow Safety Vests available at a great rate! These vests are made with the Scotchlite Reflective Material to give you the ultimate visibility.

Road Workers are the most at risk, as they are working on populated motorways and roads. Working in an area that speeding cars travel through is extremely dangerous. Between 2008 and 2010, over 100 road workers were fatally injured in highway construction zones. Visibility is the key to staying safe when on the road. Vests with the Scotchlite Reflective Material incorporated in them are the best type to use for visibility. This material is designed to help enhance your visibility by reflecting light from cars, streetlights or moonlight.

Safety vests are very important for walkers or runners on busy roads, it is essential that drivers can see you clearly. This vest reflects the light from the vest, allowing them to see you. Made of thin, breathable material, this vest is as comfy as it is safe. Another great benefit from our Yellow Safety Vests is that they have a cell phone pocket for your convenience and safety!

Construction Workers – these vests are still for you! Working should never come at the expense of your, or anyone else’s, safety.

  • Safety first and foremost – as explained above, these vests improve your visibility immensely.
  • Identification – safety vests help to show unauthorized individuals in a prohibited workplace. Also, if an emergency occurred, the vests help to locate each worker.
  • Professional touch – they give you a market presence and a public presence. This can be improved upon with your logo printed on the back – we can do this for you, simply email us here with your details and logo.
  • Ensure workplace safety is effectively maintained.

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