Superior Rust Protection…Right Here!

Duromastic Silverleaf can be applied to rusted metal surfaces, improving its looks and longevity! If your trailer, or roof, or anything rusty is showing signs of deterioration, use Duromastic Silverleaf to coat it before the rust becomes extensive.

Over time, it has been proven that it is up to 80% cheaper to re-coat your roof – rather than letting it rust and then having to replace it. Besides the extra expense, full roof replacement is often disturbing for the occupants of the building and there is also a whole raft of safety issues.

A Reflective Fibre-filled Bitumen Coating – Duromastic Silverleaf is a medium viscosity, fibre-reinforced coating pigmented with leafing Aluminium for maximum UV protection.

Other great features of Duromastic Silverleaf!

  1. Flexible and resilient.
  2. Excellent sound deadening on metal surfaces.
  3. Withstands vibration and impact.
  4. Excellent adhesion to common building substrates.
  5. Excellent UV resistance and rust protection.
  6. Synthetic fibre reinforced.
  7. Tough bitumen film formed.
  8. Slightly textured finish

The many uses it can do… 

  1. Vehicle Underseal
  2. Steel trailers/ Chassis
  3. Metal Roofing and guttering
  4. Corrosion protection to metal surfaces such as “I” beam for piling
  5. Farm Machinery
  6. Shipping Container roofs


Click here for the Duromastic Silverleaf Data Sheet!

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