The Answer to DIY Projects. Finally.

About to embark on your own DIY painting project? Winter is a great time to fix all those small painting jobs inside. There is nothing worse than that feeling of hopelessness due to your lack of decorating equipment.

The Painter’s Starter Kit has everything you need to begin…

Painting is a cost-effective way to update your home. While it does involve a lot of labour, the benefits have a huge impact! To ensure that the job is done to your high standards, the right paint, tools, and techniques are needed.
We are offering a Starter Kit made up of an assortment of our products!

Ask us if you have any queries – not sure of the right tint to use in an office? Or a bedroom? Wondering whether to stain your wooden deck? Call us for the answers – 0800425800.

Recently employed someone new? These Starter Kits are also great for new employees – get them starting off on the right foot from Day One!

Click here to ensure your next DIY project is a success! 

This Starter Kit can be altered to suit your needs!
Simply give us a call on 0800 425 800 or email us at if you have any queries about this incredible offer.