Why the colour of a room is important

Thinking up sprucing up your rooms? Deciding on the colour is always a hard choice. But, once you know the pros and cons for each, and with careful planning, you can ensure a successful end result!

The right colour scheme can considerably enhance a room, while colours and patterns can change both the atmosphere and shape of a room. Think about the following first – what is the lighting like? Dark, light, sunny or cold? Is the shape of the room square, or high ceilinged? What is the purpose of the room?

When choosing the style, it helps to take a picture of the room and testing out the colour combinations and patterns. This helps to show what works for your room.

7 ways colours affect your room

  1. A dark colour makes the ceiling appear lower and draws the surface towards you. Black can give off an air of glamour and sophistication when used correctly. However, it can seem oppressive if it’s allowed to dominate a space.
  2. A warm colour creates a cosy effect and also draws the surface towards you. Red and yellow are classified as warm colours and encourages positive feelings of confidence, energy, and excitement.
  3. A cool colour, like blue or green, makes a room feel like it has lots of space, and it takes the surface away from you. These colours are known to be soothing and give off an impression of earthiness.
  4. Vertical stripes make you look upwards, heightening the room.
  5. For large patterns, it’s a good idea to use in large rooms, as they bring the wall towards you. In a small room, it can look cramped.
  6. Smaller patterns create an impression of space.
  7. Having a dark floor and a dark ceiling draws the two surfaces together. This can make a room cosy, but smaller if overdone.


Here at Tradextra, we can tint paint to the colour you want. Simply bring in a colour scheme and we will do our best to match it!

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